Return of the Jedi Improved

Return of the Jedi was a fine movie when released, but pales in comparison to its predecessors. This is my improved version of the story, which, I think, focuses on the narrative and the characters in a deeper way than the original. 

Underrated SNL Skits from the 2010s

Saturday Night Live's glory years may be over, but that doesn't mean the laughs have stopped. Every once in a while, SNL can pump out excellent skits that pale in the spotlight to some of the Digital Shorts, that deserve some more recognition. Here are my picks for some of the most underrated sketches this decade.

5 Reasons Whose Line is Not Improv Anymore

I cannot argue with the talents of Ryan Styles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and the like. They are wonderful performers and should be held in high regard for their contributions to the improv comedy community. However, since first airing on ABC in 1998, and being revived in 2013 by the CW, Whose Line is it Anyway? has changed drastically, moving farther and farther away from its roots.

Rick and Morty Fan Theory: Rick's Ship

One aspect of Rick and Morty that makes it such an entertaining show is that the titular characters have the ability to travel throughout the entire universe, and through infinite dimensions, allowing endless possibilities for where they can end up. Usually, they accomplish this by using Rick’s portal gun. Why does Rick have a space ship when his portal gun is so much more convenient?

Game of Thrones 6x5: The Door

This seems like a banner year for the Stark Family, what with Bran making his return after a season absent, and Sansa finally operating as an individual, rather than a pawn on Little Finger's game. Meanwhile, Theon Greyjoy, who lived with the Starks his entire life, has shed captivity from Ramsay and Arya is...well, training, for the 15th consecutive episode in a row.

5 Most Common Types of Sitcoms

Come to the 21st century, where our sitcoms have branched out spectacularly from the original formula. Before, we just had plain cheese pizza, but now, we have a whole array of wacky, meaty flavors to choose from, and these are the most common.